5 thoughtful and useful gifts for the DIY enthusiast in your life

5 thoughtful and useful gifts for the DIY enthusiast in your life

Who do you call when the toilet clogs, the outlet smokes, the window cracks, or the vents start to rattle? You call the handyman. This unique breed of human isn’t exactly a plumber nor is he or she an electrician; he’s not a framer or roofer, per say, nor is the handyman an HVAC specialist. And she’s probably not a cabinet maker, painter, or tile specialist, but can probably repair a cabinet, paint a room, or tile a bathroom with aplomb.

The handyman is the jack of all trades when it comes to minor to mid-level home repairs and home improvements. In other words, a handyman is worth his or her weight in gold. You don’t have to give this all-important figure in your life gold as a holiday gift, though; instead consider one or two of the items included on our list of great gifts for the handyman.

Whether you regularly hire a professional fixer-upper or if the handyman in your life is a friend, relative, or spouse, they deserve a thoughtful gift this holiday season. After all, the handyman fixes the toilet. And the wiring. And the grout. And that thing that connects to that other thing behind the washing machine.

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A flexible, extendable miniature flashlight

Any handyman who has ever tried to inspect the pipes underneath a kitchen sink or the wires buried deep in a wall recess will tell you that one of the great challenges of the project is simply getting enough light shining on the work area. The VIBELITE A-03 Pickup Flashlight mitigates this all-too-common issue thanks to its telescoping and flexible head. The flashlight features three powerful LEDs built into a compact head that is attached to a long, slender stem that telescopes out to 22 inches. The head can be bent many degrees in any direction, shining light essentially anywhere, even in tight cramped spaces.

When not in use, the flashlight packs down to measure just 7 inches long and weighs only about a quarter of a pound.

Buy the VIBELITE A-03 Pickup Flashlight on Amazon for $11.99

A humorous handyman T-shirt

Let’s be honest: A handyman loves to feel like he knows best how to fix things, and he loves when people appreciate his skills and knowledge. While a good handyman keeps those feelings private, they’re truths nonetheless. So go ahead and let your favorite handyman know you appreciate his skills and that you really couldn’t do it without him (or her) with the “I’m Here Because You Broke Something” T-shirt.

This amusing shirt is comfortable, too, being made from 100% cotton. It comes in more than half a dozen different colors and in multiple sizes.

Buy the Gbond Apparel “I’m Here Because You Broke Something” T-Shirt on Amazon, prices vary by size

Rugged work gloves that work with touchscreens

One of the minor frustrations of modern life can be the necessity to remove work gloves every time you want to use your smartphone to answer a call, send a text, or watch a YouTube video with information on installing a new dimmer switch before you accidentally connect the wrong wires and short circuit the whole electrical panel. With the Kolumb Screen Utility Gloves, you can keep your hands protected during carpentry, gardening, framing, and more, yet can still operate a touchscreen device.

These low-cost, but well-made gloves also have a bright reflective strip that helps keep their wearer safe after dark. They come in four colors and are sure to please as a stocking stuffer or standalone gift.

Buy the Kolumb Screen Utility Gloves on Amazon for about $6.39 (prices vary by color)

The classic must-have multitool

A handyman without a multitool is kind of like a fisherman without a hook; he’s just not prepared. If you have a handyman on your holiday shopping list who is conspicuously lacking a multitool there on his belt, give him the gift of the classic Leatherman Wingman Multitool, which is of course many tools in one.

In this case, this affordable, reliable device packs 14 tools into one compact package. It has pliers, a blade, scissors, a file, and much more. And, really, a great multitool belong in easy reach for everyone, even those of us who aren’t all that handy.

Buy the Leatherman Wingman Multitool on Amazon for $34.50

The lighted beanie cap perfect for dark, cold nights

As noted before when we talked about the extendable, flexible flashlight, being able to see is an invariable prerequisite for a handyman trying to complete a task. But what’s to be done when the task at hand requires both of those handy hands? Why, use a headlamp! And what’s the best kind of headlamp to use when the weather is cold? Why, one built into a warm beanie cap.

The YJWB LED Lighted Beanie Cap features four small but bright LEDs set into the front of the hat. The light has three different brightness settings and offers ample illumination of a nearby workspace or even of the sidewalk or trail ahead when the hat is worn during a jog or hike. And don’t worry, the lamp is detachable so the hat can be washed.

Buy the YJWB LED Lighted Beanie Cap on Amazon for about $10.65 (prices vary by color)

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