Israel has created a cure for coronavirus: recovery in a few days

Israel has created a cure for coronavirus: recovery in a few days

The startup has developed a drug against lung damage from COVID-19. The second stage of testing begins

A group of scientists from the Bonus BioGroup in Haifa has developed in a short time a drug that is effective against lung damage from coronavirus infection. It was reported on Wednesday, July 7, by the local news site mynet. In the coming days, the second phase of human trials of MesenCure will begin at Rambam Hospital. The first stage, carried out in the same hospital, ended successfully: all 9 seriously ill coronavirus, who were on the verge of being connected to a ventilator and received a new medicine, recovered in a few days and were discharged. Dr. Dror Ben-David, Head of R&D, says: “After a hard year of hard work, we feel deep satisfaction and believe that we have done the unthinkable.”

In charge of drug trials at Rambam Hospital, Dr. Shadi Hamoud, Head of Internal Medicine and Research, adds: “We have participated in many studies aimed at finding a cure for the coronavirus. We tested both new drugs and existing drugs. But the results MesenCure applications are unprecedented. The drug attacks the virus and reduces the severity of inflammation. The results are excellent: in a matter of days after the start of treatment, seriously ill patients who were on the verge of being connected to a ventilator recovered. They said that a miracle happened to them, and the treating doctors had the same feeling. “


Suppression of the inflammatory process

Haifa-based company Bonus BioGroup is engaged in tissue engineering and cell therapy. It uses the cells produced by the patient’s adipose tissue. Founded 10 years ago by Dr. Shai Meretski, the company has been developing bone prostheses from living tissue, creating compatible human bone tissue outside the patient’s body for the treatment of bone defects, complex fractures and osteoporosis.

 Having the ability to grow cultures of human cells, during the epidemic, the company began to develop a drug against coronavirus. “We noticed that most of the patients were dying of pneumonia,” explains Dr. Ben-David. “The virus triggered a disease, during which an acute immune response developed. MesenCure is a suspension of human cells grown in a laboratory, this suspension is injected intravenously. The cells enter the lungs and, thanks to their modified and enhanced properties, suppress local inflammation and allow patients to recover. ” After successful laboratory tests on animals, approval was obtained for clinical trials. “Testing of the drug in humans began in January at the Rambam hospital,” says the specialist. “The drug was administered to seriously ill patients on the eve of being placed in an artificial coma and connected to a ventilator. Usually these patients have very low oxygen saturation, high levels of inflammation markers, and they need respiratory support. Conventional therapies are no longer helping them. ” Francis Claudi, 62, was one of those injected with the experimental drug. “The X-ray showed,” he recalls, “that 20% of the lungs were affected by pneumonia. They began to give me oxygen, and my condition was constantly deteriorating. When I was offered the experimental drug, I hesitated. But 4 days after its administration, I felt an improvement. 10 days I was discharged – it’s just a miracle. After discharge, I made a donation to the hospital where they saved my life. “

According to Francis Claudi, 2 people who were treated in the hospital at the same time and refused to participate in the experiment died. The experiment involved 10 patients. “The drug was administered in 3 doses, and we were pleasantly surprised that people were recovering and discharged the day after the end of the drug treatment. It was like a miracle, the results were great and also aroused admiration by the doctors,” says Dr. Ben David. Physiological indices improved in 9 patients, and they were discharged, being healthy, one patient died. The doctors told about an elderly woman who, after completing the drug treatment, got out of bed and began to exercise, although before that she could not move due to shortness of breath ” … In early July, permission was obtained for the second stage of testing, in which 50 patients will take part.

- Is there any regret that the medicine did not appear earlier?

– In Israel, the incidence of coronavirus is now low, but there are still patients on inpatient treatment. I think the process of creating a drug from scratch was unprecedentedly fast. During the epidemic, the company was recognized as a vital business, we worked around the clock, and doctors, along with regulators, also tried to help us. “We are looking into the future and are establishing contacts with medical centers in Europe and North America, where the epidemic is still at its peak,” says Dr. Ben-David. “In addition, we know that MesenCure can help with cytokine storms and respiratory deficiencies caused by factors other than coronavirus. Such conditions can develop with influenza and a number of other diseases. “

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