NATO ministers to meet amid rising pressure to do more for Ukraine

NATO ministers to meet amid rising pressure to do more for Ukraine

NATO foreign ministers will gather in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss how to support Ukraine and bring an end to the Russian invasion. The summit comes as NATO is under pressure from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to do more, and amid internal tensions over the extent to which Russia poses a direct threat to the alliance.


The meeting follows Russian forces’ withdrawal from the Kyiv suburbs, where the discovery of hundreds of bodies and evidence of atrocities against Ukrainian civilians have drawn widespread shock and condemnation. Ukrainians have said the violence in Bucha wasn’t an isolated event, pointing to evidence of looted homes, torture and shootings of civilians.

In response to possible war crimes, the United States and its allies are stepping up sanctions. The Biden administration on Wednesday will announce a ban on new investments in Russia and more sanctions on Russian enterprises and government officials. The European Commission is proposing a ban on Russian coal as part of a new package of sanctions.

Zelensky has made repeated demands for more penalties on Russia. “Really powerful sanctions are needed. The most powerful,” he said in an address to Spanish officials this week. “How can we allow Russian banks to generate profits while the Russian military tortures ordinary civilians to death in Ukrainian cities?”

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