Some memories from pandemic...

Some memories from pandemic...

Think about the crazy covid stuff people did simply because the government told them to:

Filled skate parks with sand

Baptized babies with waterguns from 6 feet

Exercised in pools behind plastic barriers

Put strip clubs in parking lots and made them drive thru

Put fast food attendants outside and made them wear plastic bubbles

Placed circles on the ground and demanded no one else enter

Decided putting barricades around 6foot square areas was the best way to attend outdoor events

Shutdown schools nationwide for a virus that had a 0.01% chance of killing kids

Wore hula-hoops to stop themselves from getting a virus

Demanded kids wear masks but then cut holes in the front of them

Had you walk in specific directions and stand on specific spots in grocery stores

Refused to sell you home improvement items to stop viral spread

Shutdown gardening centers and refused to sell people seeds to stop viral spread

Allowed mRNA boosters without test data

Ostracized the unvaccinated

Demanded to know your private health data

Fired people for not getting experimental vaccines

People fervently participated in all of this nonsense simply because the government told them it was okay to. Think about what people will do next time the government gives them the green light to become zealots. We must learn from this, or we'll suffer dearly next time around.

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